MORE - photos from our journey to Chartres Cathedral, France
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chartres8-0005labyrinthwl.jpg (119866 bytes)

The Labyrinth walk in a 'spiritual' way

chartres12-0001troses.jpg (55731 bytes)

Seeking light, the Rosette

chartres4-0008ponts.jpg (91351 bytes)

The Vesica Piscis, reflected in the Loire River

chartres6-0030stjeanb.jpg (69843 bytes)

North porch sculpture

chartres6-0009s.jpg (22109 bytes)

St Michel, guardian Angel.

chartres10-0012strts.jpg (40335 bytes)

the streets of the old city are narrow!

chartres3-0037wjesus.jpg (75951 bytes)

Jesus, surrounded by four apostles over the West Portal

chartres7A-0014bldrs.jpg (114592 bytes)

detail of window showing the builders of the Cathedral c. 1928

chartres3A-0037maryw.jpg (128185 bytes)

One of several windows depicting the Madonna and child

chartres7A-0015wrose.jpg (43626 bytes)

West Rose window, with labyrinth walkers in foreground.

walnut18pw_small.jpg (3254 bytes)

NOTE: PAXworks makes the most PRECISE wood replicas of the Chartres Labyrinth available anywhere!

chartres7-0017sjrtower.jpg (87337 bytes)

Pausing on the North tower, after a warm climb.!

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