Wooden Finger Labyrinths 

Cherry, Maple, Walnut, American Ash and new.gif (3186 bytes)Walnut Tu-tone

Precision crafted by PAXworks. The timeless beauty of natural wood grain and quality of workmanship combine to offer a most personal 'laptop' labyrinth experience.  PAXworks artisans use modern CAD/CAM technology combined with hand-sanding  and some good old-fashioned loving obsession-with-detail,  to make the most accurate replications of the Chartres labyrinth available anywhere. Computer controlled equipment carves the pattern of the Chartres Labyrinth, including all the finer details. Our artisans hand-sand and finish the labyrinth with a clear satin finish allowing the beautiful wood grain to show through!. click for information and usage suggestions

We have created the most accurate wood replica of the Chartres Labyrinth available!

 NOTICE: all items can be ordered online at  www.labyrinthshop.com 


18 inch Maple finger labyrinth


18 inch Walnut finger labyrinth

18 inch Cherry finger labyrinth

* 18 inch Tu-tone Walnut veneer finger labyrinth

a 'fingers-eye' view of our Tu-tone labyrinth * Our Tu-tone Walnut veneer labyrinth has great visual impact! the lines are a beautiful walnut veneer mounted on a light weight recycled wood substrate (near the color of canvas) with a silky-smooth finish. A useful tool for personal use,  presentations and  workshops. NOTE: the Tu-tone is popular with workshop speakers as a visual aide because  its light weight, & contrast,  make details easy for audiences to see from a distance.

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