The Vineyard Adaptable Labyrinth

designed by PAXworks for Jersey City Alliance, Jersey City, NJ

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The custom designed, portable, Vineyard Labyrinth is painted in white lines on Purple/Wine colored, durable poly-canvas with a weather resistant backing. It can be adapted to fit available space by configuring in three rectangular sizes varying from 5, to 8 to 11-circuits, the largest being 40.5 by 32 feet.

The three sections of the fully installed labyrinth are:

The Central (Purple) section vineyardcentral.jpg (58511 bytes)  a 5-circuit labyrinth measuring approximately 24.5 x 17 feet.

The Wine Frame adds 3 paths vineyardwineframe.jpg (85345 bytes) to make an 8-circuit labyrinth measuring 32.5 x 24.5 feet.

The Purple Frame adds 3 more paths vineyardthreeframes.jpg (73127 bytes) to make an 11-circuit labyrinth measuring 40.5 x 32 feet.

Unique Design Elements:

The frames are connected with Velcro, there are marks on the Velcro at the center point of each side , to help with alignment of the sides.vineyardconnection.jpg (47012 bytes)

The Vineyard Adaptable Labyrinth is called "Adaptable" both for its ability to be configured in three sizes, and its flexibility in planning intentional (or specific purpose) labyrinth walks. Ten of the turns contain 'focus points'; vineyardfocuspoint.jpg (20897 bytes)circular areas that separate the turns that can be used as a resting place to step off the path during the journey, or to contain program specific objects, art work or instructions.

Examples of the use of focus points are:

  1. The World Peace Labyrinth, which has symbols of peace from different cultures painted in the circular focus points. The intention of the labyrinth is for the walker to contemplate world peace and all its implications during the walk.
  2. Leaving the focus points empty facilitates a more typical open walking experience.
  3. Teaching a program, such as the twelve-step program. The first step at the entrance, steps 2-11 as the 10 focus points are encountered, and the 12th step in the center.
  4. The Ten Commandments could be placed in each focus point.
  5. Art objects, flowers, common objects, instructions, etc. could be placed in each focus point.

The round focus points and the sweeping curved turns are designed to balance and soften the angularity of the rectangular format. The path widths vary slightly to maintain pleasing design ratios as the frames are added.

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