Portable Canvas Labyrinths   

PAXworks makes labyrinths to your custom order. We take your order personally, allowing our artisans to dedicate each pencil or brush stroke in prayerful intent for your community. All our labyrinths are sewn, hand drawn, and hand painted in the same church hall where we began making them in February 1995. The church hall was the worship space for 35 years, and still holds the memory of life, services, baptisms, marriages, funerals, Easter and Christmas services from those times.  We also offer consultation, design and installation service for permanent labyrinths!  PAXworks founder, John Ridder, speaks on several related topics, loves talking with small and large groups, and specializes in building outdoor labyrinths on retreat with enthusiastic volunteers ! 

About Labyrinths About our founder.

Our Works We don't use modern machines or computers, We hand-draw and hand-paint every labyrinth, using low-tech hand tools, just as the labyrinth makers of ancient times! 

All labyrinths include the PAXworks difference Our artist will "seal-within" the lines, quotations and scriptures chosen by your congregation/community. 

They are delivered complete and ready-to-walk, hand-painted on durable quality poly canvas, canvas #12 duck . Instructions, a storage container, U.S. shipping, & suggestions for usage included!

Fabrics offered:  #12 Canvas Duck /  /Polyester-canvas/

Paxworks uses 12 foot wide bolts of #12 Duck on our 36 ft. canvas labyrinths to reduce the need for seams in the pathways. It takes only  minutes to set up the labyrinth 

We have thoughtfully applied sacred geometry in adapting custom Chartres versions of 3, 5, 7 and 8 circuits. Custom labyrinth designs are available for both indoor and outdoor use.

PAXworks offers "Ready to Draw, materials only" and "Ready to Paint, drawn outline" options. please call us. 317 842 2997

All labyrinths are designed and drawn by resident artisan and labyrinth designer John Ridder!


 Chartres Cathedral  

 By far our most popular canvas labyrinth. Our 11-circuit Labyrinths are hand drawn hand painted, to the precise ratios used in the original. Our Chartres style labyrinths include all the unique details! We can hand-craft them in 30-42 ft. sizes. PAXworks uses 12 FOOT WIDE bolts on our 36 foot wide canvas labyrinths to minimize seams in the center and pathways. (there is no extra charge for this quality upgrade)  We also engineer our other sizes to minimize seams. giving a welcoming clear view of the detailed treatments.  DETAILED INFO


Renewal (c)-   8-circuit Chartres-type labyrinth designed for versatility with mid-size groups and ceremonies.  The 24/30 foot Renewal meets the need for a smaller labyrinth in the limited space of many church and community halls.

We also offer several 7 circuit Chartres style patterns


Eagles Crest - a 5-circuit Chartres-type labyrinth designed for portability and smaller spaces. The 18 foot Eagles Crest is currently being used effectively in small church, health-care and campus ministries.



Trinity - 3- circuit Chartres type labyrinth designed for ceremonial and personal uses. Typically made about 12 ft. wide.
Classic 7 Labyrinths (Cretan)  Classic 7-circuit labyrinths can be  created in traditional, round, concentric or contemporary styles, in many colors or fabrics.

classic7seablue.jpg (26214 bytes)

Custom Designed Labyrinths - We have thoughtfully created meaningful designs for many unique situations.  Our principal artist, John Ridder, has created many unique labyrinths for special events and ministries. call or email with your ideas!  Custom Gallery


the 12 foot Storypath Labyrinth


Pricing in US dollars

Chartres Style DESIGN/size

Standard #12 CANVAS Duck  (natural color)

PREMIUM Colored Fabric:   Poly Canvas

drawn ready to paint CANVAS

36-ft 11-circuit Chartres-style labyrinth   $3,300. 


30-ft 11-circuit Chartres-style labyrinth   $3,200. $4,000 $2,100
30-ft 8-circuit Renewal (c) labyrinth   $3,000. $3,500 $2,000
24-ft 8-circuit Renewal (c) labyrinth  
 (also several 7 circuit choices)
 $2,700.  $3,000 $1,800
18-ft  5-circuit Eagles Crest (c) labyrinth      $1,800.  $2,000 $1,200

12-foot 3-circuit Trinity (c) labyrinth     


Classic-7 (Cretan) Custom designs

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NOTES: all designs can be customized, modified and made in many materials, call us to discuss your needs.


Standard #12 Canvas Duck -11.45 oz. - comes in natural color, majority of indoor portable canvas labyrinths are this material.

Premium: Poly-Canvas -polyester fabric with PVC backing, comes in several darker colors, durable, water resistant, good outdoor choice.

Shapes: standard  shape is an octagon; other options are a square or  dodecagon.(12 sides)  NOTE: An octagon is about 15% lighter than the same width square!

Line Colors: your choice of colors. Call for options.  (special line designs are available)

Shipping: by ground to continental US is included; .(call for shipping for AK, HI and non-US addresses) 

Payment Terms: because we do only unique custom work to order,  we request payment by check in advance. 

make checks payable to Paxworks; 9217 Thrushwood Lane, Indianapolis, IN 46250.


Phone 317 842 2997   Email: info@paxworks.com  9217 Thrushwood Lane, Indianapolis, IN 46250

PAXworks has developed the expertise to design labyrinths in any, size, shape, material or location. 

Our founder John Ridder, organizes labyrinth events, and consults on labyrinth projects for churches, retreat centers, communities & healthcare  facilities.

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