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photo(c)PAXworks A simple, yet elegant grass labyrinth on the Oak-shaded front lawn of a private residence near Zionsville, Indiana.

When you have a grass labyrinth you are committed to walking it at least every 7-14 days for maintenance!



way900.jpg (17774 bytes) The all natural grass and wildflowers labyrinth, located at the Waycross Conference and Retreat Center, Morgantown, Indiana.

The changing seasons with wildflowers along the path present a new journey with each walk.


Naperville, IL River Walk - photo(c)PAXworks

A precise Chartres-style replica located along the River walk in downtown Naperville, Illinois.

A beautiful example of stonework with concrete pavers. In a charming city park setting.

 photo (c) PAXworks

The portable, 36-foot durable fabric labyrinth from the Church of the Nativity, Indianapolis, Indiana.

This photo illustrates the versatility of a portable labyrinth; It is outdoors, on a patio, at a downtown hotel, during a Christian education conference.




photo by Fred MundsThe Earth Wisdom Labyrinth, in Elgin, Illinois.

It is 93 feet wide, and contains 25 tons of stones with paths of mulch. more


The beautiful polished granite Cathedral Labyrinth and Sacred Garden,New Harmony, Indiana.

 A team of architects went directly to Chartres France to obtain precise measurements for this labyrinth!



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