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New Harmony, IN (click thumbnails for larger image)

newharmony03.jpg (70184 bytes)The beautiful polished granite Cathedral Labyrinth and Sacred Garden, at New Harmony, IN. New Harmony is a charming historic community in southwest Indiana.  

New Harmony, IN - photo (c) PAXworksA team of architects went to Chartres France in 1997 to obtain measurements for this labyrinth!.
Orpheus Fountain New Harmony, IN photo(c) Paxworks

The Orpheus Fountain near the labyrinth provides a musical water image to compliment the walk.   Water, as a basic element of life, is always nice to have around an outdoor labyrinth.

harmonistmazes.jpg (120928 bytes)NOTE: there is another labyrinth at New Harmony, which is actually a hedge maze, originally created by the Harmonist settlement. It was renovated in 1939 and is one of the properties of the New Harmony State Historic Site.
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