Photos from our 2003 Journey to Chartres, France
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chartres7A-0020s.jpg (102415 bytes)

A view from the South

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A view of the Ambulatory from the South Aisle

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A night view from the south

chartres3A-0021s.jpg (42713 bytes)

St Michel  from the North porch.

chartres8-0015s.jpg (91307 bytes)

'Heavenly' morning view of the Labyrinth

chartres8-0026s.jpg (77612 bytes)

A pilgrim pauses for inspiration

chartres1-0007s.jpg (127472 bytes)evening view of  Buttresses

chartres8-0034wc.jpg (61137 bytes)

South Aisle

chartres6-0022s.jpg (112616 bytes)

Inside the roof, built of iron in 1836

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