Chartres Labyrinth items

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PAXworks offers the most-accurate, most-precise and finest quality replications of the Chartres Labyrinth available anywhere online, or offline! Our Chartres products are properly proportioned and include the details of the center rosette and proper number of  teeth/lunations on the outer rim.

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walnut18pw_small.jpg (3254 bytes)cherry18pw_small.jpg (3200 bytes)tutone18pw_small.jpg (3672 bytes)Paxworks 18 inch wood finger labyrinths

 in Walnut, Maple Cherry or Tutone Veneer.

antiquedt006.jpg (24374 bytes)pewtchartresbag.jpg (74236 bytes)

 *Antiqued or Pewter finish, Chartres  replica 4 - 1/2"

Approximately 1/100 scale of the original Chartres proportions. Cast in metal with a grooved path, includes a wooden stick for 'walking' the labyrinth and a cloth drawstring storage bag.

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combocherry.jpg (36346 bytes)IDEA!  18"  Finger Labyrinth with Freenotes instrument. 

A perfect duo for, labyrinth walks & private times!


Classic-7 Labyrinths

renewalw2_small.jpg (7139 bytes)Portable labyrinths

Drawn and painted by the 'Labyrinth Guy'!.