Moonshadow Herb Gardens, Muskogee, Okla.

contributed by Sharon Owen (click on thumbnail for larger image)

AngelGrove.jpg (19885 bytes)Taken in the pecan grove -- a pecan grove is in the front 2 acres, which we keep mowed like a park. I put the angel statue out there & poured the concrete. Angel is approx 4 ft tall.
 MoonGarden-1.jpg (27935 bytes)Buddha's Moon Garden" It's a small moon garden half way up the hill going to the meadow.
GardenArch-fogDew.jpg (27770 bytes)foggy photo of my herb/flower garden entrance ways by the deck

MeadowPaintBrush.jpg (19637 bytes)Indian Paint Brush wild flowers. Taken in springtime....

StFran-foggyDew.jpg (26833 bytes)the St. Francis shade garden which has lots of slow growing medicinal herbs in it. There's a park bench to meditate close by.

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