Labyrinth photos by Sharon Owen

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WellLab-4.jpg (25638 bytes)I live in Muskogee, Okla., on 5 acres. I have had Moonshadow Herb Gardens for 8 years & garden a LOT. I am a Reiki master (among other studies) & also have a full-time mundane job that pays the mortgage!

I have had a small labyrinth for approx 1 1/2 years & have recently created a larger one, which was blessed on the Summer Solstice this year. I have worked with the Elementals & have verified what they told me by dowsing. this is how the labyrinths came into being.  The small laby is located on a grassy slope with is next to my well. It is 27 ft diameter at the widest. I just recently dug the brick walls flush to the soil.

The well laby has a unicorn statuary that 'guards' it, & the meadow laby has a universal-looking feminine statue keeping watch. She is grinding grain -- she could be any woman any culture any where on earth. She is grinding the Higher Manna.

MedLab1.jpg (17217 bytes) The big laby (i.e., the meadow laby) is on flat ground.

It's entrance is aligned to the Summer Solstice sunrise & the cardinal directions are marked. It was created along a ley line of a vortex that runs due-west. I've been the keeper of this vortex for 6 years & the labyrinth was the perfect addition! It is 50 ft. diameter with its paths made wide enough to accommodate wheelchairs. It's walls are brick end-to-end on top of the ground...I was going to lay them flush to the ground, but for now, it's okay the way it it.

WomanGuardian-1.jpg (38755 bytes)The statue out by the meadow laby in the open meadow/field.
MedLab2.jpg (30459 bytes) These are both private labyrinths but I open them on the holidays & High Astro Days for anyone who wishes to walk.

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