The Fatima Labyrinth  Fatima Retreat House, Indianapolis, IN

fatima0403.jpg (109550 bytes)Overview:

This custom designed, Labyrinth is a 42-foot Replica of the Chartres Cathedral Labyrinth built in 1201 A.D.  The labyrinth was created in designer concrete with textures and tints to to appear as ancient stone, and the landscape compliments the contemplative, reflective, meditative needs of the labyrinth walker. The setting is west of the Chapel and the path is oriented to face East on entering. 

NOTE: The Fatima labyrinth received the IRMCA concrete design achievement award in 2003!

fatimainvite.jpg (90444 bytes) fatima retreat house labyrinth, Indianapolis photo by  Gary W. Potts fatimatopdedic.jpg (112744 bytes) photo by Gary W. Potts fatimajohndedication.jpg - photo by Greg C. Lucas fatimacustomdetail.jpg (88345 bytes) photo by Paxworks
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