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Music for the Walk

Setting the environment is the first step in preparing for the labyrinth experience.  We recommend setting the volume at a level that will allow the walker to choose whether to include/exclude, it as part of their personal pilgrimage experience. We encourage you to vary the musical selections from one walk to the next.  We find that very familiar music often comforts, but sometimes distracts pilgrims.   (Click titles for details )

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Richard Souther/ VISION: The Music of Hildegard Von Bingen; 1994 Angel Records CDC 55246   - Hildegard Von Bingen lived in the 12th century. Her music is more developed than the traditional Gregorian Chants; and has quite a mystical quality. She died in 1179 about the time construction began at Chartres. Includes the verses and English translations in a 30 page booklet. (note this is an import with limited availability)

Richard Souther/ Illumination:  Hildegard Von Bingen; the Fire of the Spirit 1997 Sony Classics   - Hildegard Von Bingen with slightly modern arrangements. (see above)
The Benedictine Monks of Santo Domingo de Silos/ CHANT; 1994 Angel Records CDC 55138 - This is one of the few religious music CDs ever to "hit the charts". Gregorian chants date from the era of Pope Gregory I, who reigned from 590-604 AD. Many of us were first introduced to the Chartres labyrinth with these simple melodic chants from the liturgy of the early church.
Seven Metals Singing Bowls of Tibet - 1999 Benjamin Iobst A superb recording of Tibetan singing bowls, with wind chimes gongs, and Tingsha. Relaxing peaceful and enchanting tones that resonate deep to the bone.  The use of seven metals in the crafting of the bowls is responsible for the intertwining mystical tones and overtones. This is definitely not a CD to play while commuting to work!  L.G.
Peter Kater/ R Carlos Nakai: MIGRATION ; 1992 Silver Wave Records, SD704 - Piano, Native American flute, cello, other. Kater and Nakai are an awesome duo. The CD is designed as a 'map' for a spiritual journey. We have used it frequently at our open labyrinth walk sessions.  This CD with the right incense is an ethereal experience.
Brian E. Paulson / Arc of Light: 1998 Aeon Records A005 - Music to relax the body, balance the mind, attune the spirit. Native American flutes, exotic percussion. Popular music often heard LIVE at several labyrinth sites in the Midwest. Close listening facilitates transcendence!.  If you were to have only one CD, this is what the Labyrinthguy would recommend!.
Hilary Stagg / The Edge Of Forever ; 1993 Real Music RM 1810 - The captivating sound of harp, combined with flute and keyboards offer the serenity, power and tranquility of a musical sanctuary. Track 4, "the end is the beginning" is worth the price alone!
Chrysalis / 2002: 1997 Real Music RM 8800  - angelic keyboards and strings, combined with tender flutes and poetic guitar. "a mysterious creature, neither caterpillar nor butterfly, transforming into more than all that it is.... With eyes closed we can find a place of safety... a secret room, a magic cave, somewhere in nature". Just reading the liner notes is enough to set you on the journey to become! 
Reiki, Touch of Love/ Anuvida & Nik Tyndall ; 1999 New Earth Records 1462-2 - Kiboe, synthesizers,environmental sounds. Peaceful music that compliments all that Reiki represents, and fits well with the pace of a labyrinth journey.
Windham Hill Artists / Conversations with God. 1997 Windham Hill 01934-11304-2  - Collection assembled with "Conversations with God" author Neal Walsch. Some wonderful music by several W-H artists including Yanni, Ray Lynch, Liz Story, Jim Brickman, George Winston, David Arkenstone and more…


Rare Finds !



HeartSounds - CD's & tapes ! Deborah and Jonathan Hutchison are singers, songwriters, and recording artists in the Christian tradition. "Exciting, strong, and moving," Heartsounds music features the Hutchisons’ trademark vocal harmonies, accompanied on guitar, flute, and piano. In a blend of contemporary styles from folk to R&B, rock to gospel, classical to jazz, they sing of God’s love, of faith and struggle, the need for community, and the call to service in the world.   email:  chesed2@msn.com 


Making Your Own Music

GROUP MUSIC - Set out a few harmonious  musical instruments, such as chimes, bells or  FREEnotes, for people to play before, during or after their walks.. FREEnotes creates angelic tones that are a wonderful aural compliment to the labyrinth experience. Group members can take turns providing accompaniment on these simple instruments. I like to play freenotes to complement the steps of walkers... after a while you can't be sure if they are walking in time with the music or if walking makes the music.

TAIZE - Labyrinth walks are often scheduled around Taize' services.   Singing Taize' music is a compliment to group labyrinth walks and ceremonies. Here is a link to the official Taize' music site

Drums & Drumming sites : - Cedar Mountain - Earth Rhythms  - taos drums

Tibetan TingSha chimes, Singing bowls etc.  The Company Store - EarthRhythms

Make your own instruments out of common materials!  http://www.nancymusic.com/PRINThomemade.htm

basics of making a didjeridoo by Tom Chapin  http://members.aol.com/chapinfo/tc/didj.html

Help! If you are using music with the labyrinth that is not listed here,  Please Email your suggestions including publisher information.        pwemailblock.jpg (2000 bytes)


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