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The Labyrinth Coalition - sponsored resources include:  the 'directory of labyrinth locators'  & national event calendar The Labyrinth Society - ... supports all those who create, maintain, and use labyrinths...... more
Labyrinthos & Caerdroia - Provides a focus for the study of mazes and labyrinths.  The Labyrinth Guild of New England  sponsors annual  Labyrinth Festival of New England & more
Veriditas - home site for author Lauren Artress. Locator for Chartres style labyrinths in your area.  
The Prairie Labyrinth Toby Evans site. A 166-ft labyrinth in the Kansas Prairie and more!  
Sacred Steps - prison ministry in Louisiana and more! The Labyrinth Cross designed by John Kostura
Labyrinthonline - site has virtual labyrinth by Vicki Keiser Hospital labyrinth related links compiled page

Labyrinth Project of Alabama Website of Annette Reynolds, list of AL labyrinths


The  Children's Labyrinth Project K-8  source materials The Labyrinth - This site includes a Labyrinth Screen Saver
MyMaze. German website by Erwin Rei▀mann.  NOW  translated to English.  neat animations. Labyrinth Resource Group - Santa Fe - good resource for placing labyrinths in schools
30 days of Labyrinth Love and Wisdom -Rev. Sandra Bochonok Eve Hogan - Heartpath - Labyrinths, weddings etc. in  Hawaii !
Peaceful Endeavors -site of Virginia Lonesky Labyrinth of The Whispering Grove    Phippsburg, Maine
Community Labyrinth Group, Nelson, BC, Canada Jo Edkins Maze Page - mazes and labyrinth details
Labyrinth Journey - Janine Mariscotti and Lynne Texter,  Labyrinth Facilitators The Healing Spectrum - A section on Labyrinths;  also resources on healing in all its aspects.
Waycross Camp and Conference Center  In southern Indiana . Natural Labyrinths on grounds! Crestonehenge - a labyrinth installation in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Colorado
  The Labyrinth Center   also has alternative services to offer.
Jill Kimberly Hartwell Geoffrion  author of several books. Golden Spirit - jewelry in sterling and gold.
Mid-Atlantic Geomancy - site of author Sig Lonegren info on labyrinths and Geomancy topics  
Labyrinths in Stone - Marty and Debbi Kermeen, makers of high quality paver labyrinths. HOPE labyrinth project -Center for Hope and Healing in South Paris, ME

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Recommended Web Sites    AWESOME research links

Online Bible search  many bible versions here!

Hoaxbusters web site  - checkout ; bogus warnings, 

The Book of Common Prayer Anglican,  Episcopal, downloadable files; back to the 16th century

The Website of Unknowing about Medieval English  Mystics

God's Billboards  famous messages from God
The Virtual Rosary - free  rosary & prayer network The Anglican Rosary - Inner Light site
Creative Spirit - Enjoy uplifting artwork.  
The Artline Project - outdoor art across America Tibetan Healing Mandala
Sacred Sites International Foundation for preservation of sacred sites and  traditions. One Day In Peace  celebrate Jan. 1 as a global holiday

Places of Peace and Power sacred sites and pilgrimage traditions around the world. 

PAX Christi USA seeks to reflects the Peace of Christ through  nonviolence.
 Daily devotional readings - several sets of daily devotional readings PAX - PAX is dedicated to the gun violence issue
Labyrinth Shop - new online ordering of related items The Ghandi Institute peace prayers, Ghandi's  writings.
The US Copyright Office  Copyrights are for literary, dramatic, musical, artistic, & intellectual works.

Sacred Geometry- Bruce Rawles page

Healing Prayer Resources - Questions about Christian healing?, this site has resources Conference on the Religious Life  Religious Orders. - domains, websites, email ! Tides Foundation   social change, innovation, & stewardship.
 Amazing Grace - the library of the author, John Newton Waycross  Conference Center  In southern Indiana .
Spirit and Place Festival - A community building event  

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