after the The Labyrinth Society Gathering  2002   all photos (c) PAXworks  

NOTE: as many of our friends attending the Gathering were aware, I drove 2300 miles from Indianapolis and made a few stops along the way, below are a couple highlights of the journey from the center!   click on thumbnail for larger images JR

007_5yosemvalley.jpg (16367 bytes)

Upon leaving Sacramento, I drove through Gold Country to Yosemite Valley where smoke from a 'controlled burn' gave a mystical quality to this view of the valley.

004_2yosemitereflecth.jpg (21018 bytes)

Yosemite is a photographers paradise! The stillness of the Merced River  gave an opportunity for peaceful reflection.

 014_12labtree02.jpg (92318 bytes)

I took along an 'environmentally friendly'  finger labyrinth as I toured the Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias. The wood in the labyrinth has an ancestral connection to the 2500 year old trees.

027_25windfarm02.jpg (15020 bytes)

The next day I headed for Las Vegas, NV which required driving across California's windy dusty Mohave Desert. The hills were alive with modern windmills!

tutonepetrified.jpg (67428 bytes)

Driving through northern Arizona, My labyrinth and I chose to stop and visit with some even older wood....

  225 million  year old petrified wood !

015_13didjeridoo.jpg (20092 bytes)

In Santa Fe, I visited the Labyrinth in Milner Plaza built by Marty Kermeen last year.  It has unique echo chamber characteristics in the center, and I tested them with my new Yucca Didjeridoo.  (Made by David Blonsky) As I played, a Coyote on the nearby hill chimed in and howled a duet to the pure amusement of the people on the plaza!

018_16pecossunset.jpg (10323 bytes)

I pulled off the interstate near Pecos National Historic Park to enjoy a beautiful New Mexico sunset.  This site is near property once owned by actress Greer Garson.

023_21bigcross02.jpg (31023 bytes)

along I 40 near Groom Texas is the largest cross in the western hemisphere. You can see it for miles! The plaza includes a stations of the cross, and a Calvary hill display.  There's a similar display in Illinois along I-70.    Photo Gallery

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