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"Sometimes I get to places when God is ready to have somebody click the shutter"  -   Ansel Adams

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nativdeer1.jpg (62113 bytes)  Deer often stopped in the late afternoon to 'talk' with us as we worked on the World Peace Labyrinth project. (c) PAXworks 2002 the rivers of life which flows on and on in peacful solitude, the  Eel River in Northern Indiana (c) Paxworks The river of life flows on in peaceful solitude; the Eel River passing through Logansport, in Northern Indiana. In 2003, a labyinth was built in the woods to the right!

(c) PAXworks 1997

Many find peace in the rugged cross  (c) Paxworks

A unique juxta-positioning of the rugged cross and a rainbow of autumn colors in the background. (c) John E Ridder 1991

StFran-foggyDew_small.jpg (3502 bytes)peaceful photos contributed by Sharon Owen of the Moonshadow Herb Gardens, Muskogee, Okla.

waycrst14.jpg (134573 bytes) located on a bluff overlooking the Waycross, IN  Labyrinth, the 14th station of the cross on a crisp fall day. (c) 2004 J Ridder gcaz25.jpg (69883 bytes) By far one of the most spiritual and mystical places on earth, The Grand Canyon of the Colorado (c) 2004 J Ridder
A glorious sky over Montezuma, NM (c) JW Ridder

A glorious sky over Montezuma, NM

(c) John W. Ridder

Kiva interior, Pecos National Monument, NM (c) Paxworks 2001

Late afternoon interior view of a Kiva (inactive) Pecos National Monument, New Mexico (c) PAXworks 2001

powmiddle_small.jpg (2714 bytes)The POW Chapel on the grounds of  Army Camp Atterbury in Southern Indiana.The Chapel was built and beautifully decorated by Italian POWs during W.W.II.

photos (c) PAXworks

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A Family enjoys the awesome splendor of God's Grand Canyon.(c) John Ridder 1994

ttaoso~1.jpg (115800 bytes) Taos Pueblo, New Mexico.  View of the original chapel, burned by the Spanish in the 1680 revolt. photos (c) PAXworks 2001

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Yosemite N.P. is a photographers paradise! The early Fall stillness of the Merced River  gave an opportunity for peaceful reflection.  (c) PAXworks 2002

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"Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding." Albert Einstein.

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