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Museum of International Folk Art  - Milner Plaza,  Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Photo  J.W. RidderA 40 foot Chartres style labyrinth constructed temporarily as a first stage of the plaza being built outside the museum. A beautiful permanent paver labyrinth was constructed in 2001( below). Photo J.W. Ridderphoto (c) Paxworks

Construction of a new plaza was completed in Fall 2001. The plaza has a permanent labyrinth of a new design built by Marty Kermeen.  These are a few fragments of this labyrinth that were on site as of May 10, 2001website of Marty Kermeen

The labyrinth  on Milner Plaza

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In fall of 2002, I visited the Labyrinth in Milner Plaza built by Marty Kermeen.  It has unique echo chamber characteristics in the center, and I tested them with my new Yucca Didjeridoo.  (Made by David Blonsky) As I played, a Coyote on the nearby hill chimed in and howled a duet to the pure amusement of the people on the plaza! 

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The above from my sept 04 visit... a great location with views of the mountains on a cool pre-fall day. photos (c) PAXworks

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