Lake Lady Labyrinth

This is a Labyrinth located on the Northshore of Lake Ponchartrain, about 30 miles from New Orleans. It is dedicated to cancer survivors who use it individually and in groups as a healing meditation.  It is brick, about 35 foot diameter, in a backyard setting, amidst tall pines on the grounds of a former churchyard. The turn of the century chapel has been converted to a home.

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Those who wish to visit for walking meditation are welcome.The labyrinth is used by the community, and through the webpage, visited by travelers. 

NOTES: In the center is a boulder which is carved out to accommodate a small water pump.  Symbollically, it is a wellspring.   The plant material in the borders of the path is Dwarf Mondo Grass - tedious to plant but just right for the conditions year round. The house has a fascinating history.  It was a Catholic chapel, the Chapel of St. Anna and St. Denis from 1904 or so to 1930 or so.  Then a school, a dance hall, a place for some pigs to live.....a school several incarnations again, a studio, and finally our home.  There is an amazing human/divine feeling to the place.  The backyard where the Labyrinth is, remains serene.  Contrasting that peaceful "back yard"  is an oak tree in front of the Chapel which is said to be a "dueling oak" in the most enduring of Southern Gothic traditions.

Call (504) 674-0728 for directions. Rita Breath Photos by Jake Prescott

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